Innovation beyond conventional wisdom

ZADEUS comprises a dynamic small outfit consisting of an unconventional, yet formidable team, with a collective shared insight spanning 4 decades and in excess of 80 publications in scientific journals, symposia proceedings and several patents.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

The famous adage is a popular quote that has been attributed to Arthur C. Clarke, a science fiction author and inventor.

In essence, it implies that technology that is advanced enough can be perceived as magical.

This statement is often used to explain the feeling of awe and wonder that is experienced when encountering something difficult to understand.

It is also an important reminder that technology is an ever-evolving concept.

As we continue to innovate and develop new technologies, the potential to create something that appears to be magical is always a possibility.

Rod Scholtz Profile

Rod Scholtz

Chief Executive Officer

Rod’s dimensional experience, derived in the field of Neuro-Semantics, had him apply those modalities after specializing in Cognitive Studies to Research, Business Leadership styles, Framing and Reframing Mindset for Entrepreneurship, and inner Genius to participate in the great game of international business with a focus on pioneering, global concepts. His single biggest skill: Conceptualizing; Seeking & finding connection towards an objective then, via technological intuition, shortcutting the process of development by interrelating ideas; Connecting those dots (and the humor this brings). This background allows him a unique vantage point to arrive at pioneering conclusions. He is full-time vested in PPEC/DEI transition technology and the alchemy of its creative global commercialization. This dynamic energy transition process has captured his imagination, turning its free source energy into electrical and/or mechanical energy. 

Zadeus Team Innovators - Marie Schotz

Marié Scholtz

Chief Strategy Officer

Marié is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience as an Accountant, specializing in Management Accounting within the Department of Trade & Industry, Housing Developments and R&D Environment (under CIMA and ENEB International MBA Candidate).

Zadeus Team Innovators - Heinz Klosterman

Heinz Klostermann

Chief Consulting Engineer

An astute German-born, American-based Siemens Fellow, Heinz is an electrical & mechanical engineer with unparalleled experience in the pioneering of X-ray technology. He has gained invaluable experience as a result of the technology employed to bring about this creation, having had exposure to two earlier attempts by US Government at a cost of billions of dollars at the time. 

Heinz is due to retire as we scale for mass production at the end of the first term in 2023. 

Zadeus Team Innovators - Francis Tanzella

Francis Tanzella (Ph.D.)

Principal Scientist

Francis, an Independent Energy Production Consultant and Senior Research Chemist with over 40 years of experience, has been involved in the field of cold-fusion with many years of exposure in the early beginnings of plasma energy. 

He has a BSc in Chemistry (1975), Southeastern Massachusetts University (U. of Mass., Dartmouth), MSc (1978) and PhD (1980) in inorganic chemistry (High– energy oxidation of aromatic molecules and noble gases), University of California (Berkeley) 

Zadeus Team Innovators - Klaas Bol

Klaas Bol

Mechanical Engineer

Klaas, a seasoned senior mechanical engineer, mentored by Heinz Klostermann and aligned to take over the role of Chief Engineer once Heinz retires. Currently in consulting role with ZADEUS while with Lockheed Martin. 

He has a BSc in both Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering – Northern Arizona University and completed advanced coursework in Optical-Electrical Engineering – USC

Zadeus Team Innovators - Mike Hall

Mark Hall

Projects Consultant

Mark has over 20 years of experience in Executive Management, Business Development and Engineering. He has a BSc (Electrical Engineering – Wits University), BCom (Marketing – Wits University), LLB (Law – Trinity University UK), MBA (Wits University) and a PhD Interdisciplinary Studies (Cambridge University UK). 

He has been Project Director on Schondoni Colliery ($1BN TIC), Nitro Granulation ($150M TIC); the Lead Advisory on Saldanha Gas-to-Power (R35BN), Nkosi City (R11.6BN), Rand Water Backup Power (R200M), to name but a few. 

GabEx Enterprises

Channel Partner

With combined experience of more than 60 years in a power utility, and over 50 years in metering and verification, our Channel Partner, GabEx Enterprises has a highly qualified team assisting with energy assessments, meter billing analysis & verification and operations & maintenance of projects in the
Energy and Utilities sector.

Dudley Latest Photo Larger Frame v2

Dudley Janeke

Environmental Scientist

Dudley has over 20 years experience in the Integrated Environmental Management field. As one of the first black South Africans in the International Association of Impact Assessment (IAIA), he has served on the Western Cape Board for IAIA during 1996/7. He has a BSc (Education – UWC) and BSc Honours in Botany with a post graduate course in Integrated Environmental Management field from UCT. He has secured environmental authorisations for Wind Generation Projects of more than 200MW, during REIPPPP Bidding Rounds 1 – 3; Environmental Approval for a R5 Billion Marina Development in the Seychelles (Eden Island); and he also secured environmental approvals for the development of 49 Ocean Villas as part of the Banyan Tree Hotels’ future development, Seychelles. Currently, he is leading the environmental assessment for the dredging of the Victoria Port.

Imagination takes you everywhere

Every powered device can be retrofitted and driven by the ZADEUS Air to Plasma power converter/generators. If you can imagine it, we can power it. 

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