1-10 mW Mobile Unit

1 - 10MW Local Power Plant


The utility sector has a reputation over its history for being somewhat insular: common ways of thinking persist and radical changes to the status quo are met with resistance. Fortunately, that reputation is finally falling as the various revolutions across the quest for cleaner, localized energy is being embraced.

Energy is embedded in everything we do. Where there is energy you have an improvement in life quality. Engineered beyond conventional wisdom. We are defined by our vision of the future.

ZADEUS (Pty) Ltd and its licensed Sub-Saharan Africa subsidiary offer its proprietary 1 to 10MW containerized grid-scale power generation units, as prospective touch-down points for this world-first offering. Whether your operations are stand-alone or grid-tied, Municipal and Commercial grids are now required to add more renewable energy sources to meet their sustainable development – and reduced carbon emission goals. Each 10MW PPEC/DEI containerized Mobile Unit produces baseload energy at point, contributing to a more stable and sustainable power for commercial and municipal enterprises. ZADEUS delivers reliable energy by combining hardware, software, installation, and service into one integrated system.



Proprietary PPEC/DEI technology affords local, baseload energy at point for your project.

ZADEUS Air to Plasma mobile power plants are suitable for localized utility scale terrestrial applications ranging from small industry to municipal level power solutions. Our machinery runs on an abundant fuel source obtainable at virtually any point of the planet – ambient air – eliminating the dependency on mass energy storage, feedstock, hauling, bunkering and heavy battery-reliant technologies.

Contact our team at ZADEUS to address your local energy project directly and determine the scalable solutions required to offer you the most affordable, reliable and sustainable solution on the market. 

Generation specifications

Specifications given are for a 1MW mobile power plant. ZADEUS terrestrial utility scale mobile power plants are available from 1 – 10MW per container unit.


Energy Capacity


50Hz AC Output of plant


Load factor of plant


Ecological footprint


Construction period weeks

11kV >

50 Hz AC voltage output


Power factor of plant


Unit weight

20 years

Operating lifespan


Monthly kWh production per 1MW Module


Electrical energy consumption


Solutions for all industry and municipalities

Let’s ‘compare’ footprints, shall we?

The modern, functional design by Geneé Marais (M.Arch) of our ‘CITI 100′ plant, epitomizes and facilitates unlike any other in terms of power density, low environmental impact and noise emissions. We pack and stack up to 100 x 1MW or 50 X 2MW PPEC/DEI units, interfaced with industry partners’ ISO 9001-rated turbines, onto a 500sqm footprint without the need for mass storage, fuel, hauling or on-site bunkering. Scalable up to 10MW per bank in common shaft array, making energy at point, along with the complete system of satellite communication, relays, energy measurement & safety devices, optimization, remote control units and networking infrastructure for secure communication & up-link; we bring a different dynamic.

Fractional Cost & Footprint

Comparison – Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)

To build this CSP plant capable of producing 100MW DC (rated power) costs ZAR11.6 BN, significant land acquisition and depends on several other factors. A complex plant of this size produces an estimated 100MW DC of power at it’s rated conditions and a potential average of 480 000MWh per year, depending on where it is located, the time of year, etc. In comparison, a typical ZADEUS PPEC/DEI technology driven plant, generates 876 000MWh per annum enabling us to deliver 45% more power (365 000 low cost homes) per 100MW plant, reducing hardware cost by up to 60% of CSP while exponentially increasing performance.

Unmatched Efficiencies

Comparison – Hybrid Solar PV & BESS

This Hybrid Solar PV and battery storage (BESS) power plant under development, will consist of 3 x Solar PV plants with a combined total solar capacity of 540MW and 225MW battery storage, cost in the region of ZAR30BN at a footprint 10km wide from side-to-side. It is capable of delivering 150MWh of dispatchable power during the hours of 5am and 9:30pm daily (16.5 hrs out of 24 hrs), thus operating at 19% efficiency taking the anticipated power output and the hours of operation per day into consideration.

In comparison, a 150MW ZADEUS PPEC/DEI Utility-Scale plant, consists of 15 x 14m2 containerised Mobile Units of 10MW each, supplies 150MWh of power, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, at less than 50% of the CAPEX requirements of this project.

5 X More Power

Comparison – Grid-Tied Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

This Grid-Tied BESS Programme is for 390MW/1,440MWh at a cost of ZAR11BN. MWh rate of dispatch will determine whether this system will provide 2 or 4 hours of power to the grid per 24 hours, but as a proposed peak shaving system, it is assumed to be 4 hours. As no solar component is mentioned, we further have to assume this system will recharge from the grid during off-peak, night-time hours to be ready for the next peak demand dispatch period.

For the same CAPEX, ZADEUS can install a 300MW PPEC/DEI Power Plant which can provide 300MWh for every hour of the 24 hour period, thus a total of 7,200MWh per 24 hours. In this instance, PPEC/DEI holds 5 times the power component.


Energy compliant technology

The ZADEUS Mobile power plants meet all international and local safety standards. 

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A sustainable industrial and municipal power generation and storage system driven by Air to Plasma generators are now available 

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